We Are Curio

Our Mission

Innovative products people love, and a company people love to work for

We believe in sustainability, adding value, and having fun. Love what you do and do what you love. Know what you’re bad at, and focus on what you’re amazing at. Always be learning.

Our Brands

Mobile Outfitters is an Inc 5000 manufacturer and consumer brand of screen protectors, skins and accessories for mobile devices sold through an extensive network of 250+ mall locations spanning 33 countries. VISIT
PAW5 is a manufacturer and consumer brand changing the way that dogs eat forever with its focus on environmental enrichment and sustainability. VISIT

Our Core Values

Help each other, and allow them to help you. Integrity in everything you do. Be a Thoughtful person and put thought in to your work. eXecute.

Our Vision

To be an award winning, B-Corp Certified company with $40mm in revenue across 3 brands by 2022

Our Team

Matt Arentzen
Production Team Member
Mike Bissell
Sales Executive
Mike Borni
Int'l Sales Executive
Adam Cieniawa
Anthony Cordero
Production Team Member
Eric Griffin
Jon Harris
Production Team Member
Vanessa Jenkins
Office Manager
Tamika Jones
Production Team Member
David Lineman
Partner Success Manage
Dan McClam
Logistics Coordinator
Dennis O’Donnell
Alex Philibert
Production Team Member
Kerri Smyth
Production Team Supervisor
Janice Snowden
Customer & Executive Assistant
Mike Wyatt
General Manager
Paul Yeskelawitch
Production Team Member

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